Episode 15: Liberty Ale – An offer you can’t refuse

Liberty Ale
Beer number two of our Pale Ale series is Anchor’s Liberty Ale. We reference the Godfather because this brewery has been around a long time.


Well there seems to be a fight a brewing (pardon the pun) over what is America’s #1 beer. Apparently, Anheuser Busch is in a bit of a fight with Capital Brewing Company out of Wisconsin in regards to who actually has America’s #1 beer. Capital touts itself as the #1 craft brewery in the country and wants to trademark that, but AB is having some trouble there.

Anchor Liberty Ale

  • This week we are continuing on with our Pale Ale series with a beer from the Godfather of American Craft Brewing, Liberty Ale from Anchor Brewing Company in San Fransisco, CA.
  • Why is this brewery the Godfather of the craft industry you ask? Well, founded way back in 1896, the brewery moved along until it started to have some finical trouble in the 1960’s Then in 1965 the brewery was bought by Fritz Maytag, who started several years later to bottle what is called California Common beer, or Steam Beer, which we may talk about in a later show.
  • But enough of the history lesson, on to the beer. Weighing in at about 6% ABV, this is a little bit stronger than last weeks initial offering. It was first brewed and bottled in 1975 and is available year round.
  • The color is a nice golden color, looks a little bit darker than your typical light beer, which is what it should look like. It pours with a nice pillowy head, and has a distinctive hop aroma.
  • The though is much more balanced that you would expect from the smell. Yeah, there is that hop presence, but it doesn’t bowl you over like some beers.
  • This is a beer that would be a good introduction to hops.

Our next show

We will be continuing on with the saga that is pale ale next week when we talk about some smaller craft breweries, Flying Dog and Doggie Style Pale Ale and Great Lakes Brewing Company and Burning River Pale Ale.

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