Episode 42: Gonzo Imperial Porter

Finally back to our normal NPR audio quality. If you like asides you’ll like this episode. We talk about Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter.


So how much would you pay for a beer, $3, $10, $60? Carlesberg is putting a beer called Vintage No. 1 on the market for $396.47. It will be sold three Copenhagen restaurants. Now the catch is that there are only 600 bottles of the beer, and from what I can tell it is only being sold in Europe. It is a 10.5 proof beer, which could mean 10.5 percent ABV or 5.25 percent ABV. Either way, we’re looking for samples.

Gonzo Imperial Porter

  • This week we head to the Rockies and Flying Dog Brewery.
  • The first brew pub opened in 1990, it was the first brewery in Aspen in over 100 years, and one of the first brewpubs in the Rocky Mountain region.
  • In 1994 Flying Dog opened a 50-barrel main brewery in Denver, Colorado from which its ales are distributed to more than 45 states of the United States.
  • One of the interesting things about Flying Dog Brewery is art of Ralph Steadman, best known as the illustrator of the works of Hunter S. Thompson, on its labels.
  • In 2005, the brewery created a new beer in the lateThompson’s honor, Gonzo Imperial Porter.
  • Initially in limited-release in 750mL bottles, the Gonzo Imperial Porter is now one of the regular offerings of the brewery.
  • The beer weighs in at 9.2% ABV and is actually classified as a Baltic or Imperial Porter.
  • This beer most certain pours dark, I would say probably the darkest of the beers that we have had. The taste is most certainly of roasty coffee and chocolate, but not sweet, rather dry. There is a little hop compliment at the end, but overall, the malt is what is coming through here on this one.

Next Week

That’s the end of the porter series. Next week we are going to be taking a slight diversion from our normal show and bring to you a beer and food show, and we may even have a special guest, so make sure to listen!

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2 responses to “Episode 42: Gonzo Imperial Porter

  1. Hey,

    Thanks for talking/writing about Flying Dog! I work for the brewery and would love to send you samples of some other delicious beers. Let me know if you are interested!


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